FANTASY FOOTBALL GEMS: Who Is The Market Underpaying For & Why?

FANTASY FOOTBALL GEMS:  Who Is The Market Underpaying For & Why?

Des Boodram @boxscoreprophet

The goal for me is to always extract value.  That’s my draft day goal anyways, and I want to maximize production at the lowest cost humanly possible.  In a snake draft, you need to kill it with your first 4 picks, and than you need your next 6-8 picks to yield  3rd through 5th round value. I know, easier said than done, but every year there are 15 to 20 players that crush value and if you can identify 2-3 of these players, you’ll be laughing to the bank… ok  maybe not laughing, but you’ll be competitive.  If your 2nd rounder can perform like one of the 10 first round picks that’s even better and the way the market is going right now there are some opportunities.  Things could change as Week 1 approaches, but right now current ADPs are revealing.  Let’s take a look at some players I think you should consider, that may have a season long out put that’s better than others that are sure to go before them.



I’m all in with Jordy Nelson this season and here’s why.  Last season he was second in total fantasy points, AND total fantasy points per game with 13 in standard scoring leagues.  Antonio Brown was first with  FPPG with 13.4 points but in some leagues he’s not only the first WR off the board, he’s the first player off the board.  So the 2nd best WR last year, thus far is the 6th WR off the board this season, and that is bananas.  Not only is Nelson in a cake easy division, he will have the best fantasy QB throwing to him as well.  He seldom gets double-teamed, and hasn’t digressed one bit.  Take the best RB possible with your first pick and gobble up Nelson in the second round while your opponents debate between Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Julio Jones and A.J. Green… and no Green is not a typo.  Really for .4 of a point per week you’re not going to hold off and land a feature back???  Take the RB and come back in round two with Nelson, who will get you as much or production as any of the WR chosen before him.  Plus he’s fun to root for.



I think it’s one year early for the Titans, but I love this team this year.  Marcus Mariota, who wasn’t even a top ten QB last season in terms of FPPG was super sneaky making him a DFS GPP dream.  I love his schedule, I love his O-line, and I love the weapons around him including stud first round pick WR Corey Davis who went to Western Michigan before you laugh at think about where some of the best WRs went including Jerry Rice, Randy Moss and Antonio Brown.  It’s not far fetched that Davis could be the offensive rookie of the year.  Year three is where Mariota establishes himself as the Titans QB for the next decade, and he will put up top six numbers as his streak of no red-zone INTs continues. 



There are two things I hate…. The thought of using a gas station rest room and assessing the value of rookie running backs.  I think Christian McCaffrey is in the perfect spot to be successful, but I’m almost certain that Dalvin Cook is the alpha in this rookie class.  He was unstoppable in college, and is in an almost perfect situation in Minnesota.  He’s backing up the oft-injured L Murray, so stash him on your bench and wait patiently with the creepy Mr. Burns hands from the Simpsons.  He’s currently the 30th RB off the board and going somewhere in the 6th round, so if he falls to you there and you are happy with your other positions, he’s worth the add.  Let me know how that works out for you.



Andrew Luck loves his TEs and Doyle is ruling the roost in Indy this year, but his numbers are telling a pretty good story of potential upside here.  Doyle has an eye for the end zone, and when Dwayne Allen was out and he was the TE1 he not only killed it in the targets column, but he got many of those targets in the Red Zone.  With T.Y Hilton attracting all the attention, Doyle should be a ninja pick for you if you are holding off on the TE position.  There’s too much volume to ignore so feel free to attack with Jack.



Don’t forget about Keenan Allen.  He played only one game last season, but in 2015 he averaged 11.8 FPPG, which was 11th in the NFL.  There are some mouths to feed in Charger-land, but with no Danny Woodhead and digression of Melvin Gordon, Allen should be able to pay bills.  He’ll get the volume, but staying healthy will be key.  I’m fine if his injury history scares you off, but with an ADP of 40 (aka ½ way through the 4th round, don’t turn your nose up at him, because he could yield 2nd or 3rd round value … if healthy.

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