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There are many variables that impact QB play throughout the course of a given season, and it’s my job to not only identify which variables those are, but figure out a way to communicate them in a way that’s relevant.  If dominating your fantasy football league is of any remote importance, clear your schedule and make time to read – there may be something there that wasn’t’ there before.  If you play the daily game, you have the luxury of choosing whichever signal caller you want, otherwise, you have to live with your decision and I want to help you avoid making a painful one… that’s right 2016 Cam Newton owners – I’m looking at you.



Gotta start with one of the three QBs in my opinion that’s matchup proof, and then highlight which of those three may have an edge due to his schedule.  Are you considering factors like, coaching style, venue,  road games in December, weather, WR dependability??  I am, and Drew Brees checks a lot of boxes this season, including a friendly 3rd place schedule that draws the AFC EAST.  The Saints were the number one ranked offense last summer and have added Adrian Peterson in the backfield to easily make up the best 1-2 combo of any team in the backfield.  The Saints will miss Cooks about as much as CNN misses reporting truthful news, so don’t let that sway your decision.  Michael Thomas will be fine.  I totally expect both Coleman and Ginn Jr to make the roster and they will be nice toys for Brees as well.  Here’s what I love though….during the fantasy playoffs they get Atlanta and their 28th ranked pass defense twice, as well as the Jets… holla!!!  That’s three games indoors if you’re keeping track at home.  The Saints also draw the NFC North, which has three average secondary units as well as  Buffalo, and Miami, with their toughest matchup being Week 2 at home to the Patriots.  Remember in the last 9 seasons Tom Brady has only finished ahead of Brees once in total fantasy points.  Pull the trigger and thank me later.



I’ve honestly bragged on Mariota so much that I want to rip both my arms off and beat an apology out of myself.  I apologize in advance, but this offense was 11th last season, and have added Eric Decker and drafted Corey Davis – who will be unstoppable by year two.  Delanie Walker is a stud and don’t forget the two headed monster in the backfield of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry.  OK – I’ll be back, but you get the point.  Tennessee gets Indy twice and Seattle at home, but their draw in the playoffs starts at Arizona which is meh…. But then goes to San Francisco and Los Angeles to face the Rams.



You’re ready to scroll down the article, but just hear me out.  Palmer is going to be pretty much free on draft day, but don’t forget this team had the 9th best offense last year and the 2nd best defense.  How they finished 7-8-1 is still baffling. I love the youth of John Brown and J.J. Nelson combined with Larry Fitzgerald, while also holding the trump card of having the best pass catching RB in the NFL, but above all else, the Cardinals schedule is pretty easy aside from a couple of tilts with Seattle.  The Cards start at Detroit, and Indianapolis, but finish hosting the Titans and visiting Washington.  Should you make it to the finals with Palmer assuming he’s healthy the Cards host the Giants…. Scary yes, but you’re in the finals, and probably dodged some bullets to get there. 



My super sneaky ninja pick of the season is Joe Flacco, who’s 17th ranked offense last season was ravaged by injuries.  I love the Jeremy Maclin pick up, and he will be a volume hog… a perfect fit for him in this offense.  I’d love to see more dependability from the TE position, but the schedule is nice.  The Ravens are a good team, ranked 7th defensively as well, but whether or not in translates into fantasy is another question.  Flacco starts off at Cincinnati, Cleveland and at home to Jacksonville.  These three games will lay the groundwork for the rest of the season, but if you get in a bind, Flacco finishes at Pittsburgh, Cleveland and at home to Indianapolis… stash him on the bench in the last round of your draft.  Good luck gamers. 

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