How large are your boards and labels?

  • Depending on the amount of teams and customization features, it ranges from 36"x48" to 36"x80".
  • Our labels are 4"x1"

Do you sell anything other than draft boards and labels?

  • At the moment, no. This year, we are dedicated to making the best draft boards and labels. But next year, we'll be surprising you with more unique items. 

Do you provide overnight shipping?

  • At the moment, we do not, but email us and we'll figure out a way to make it work. 

What's your number to call you?

  • At the moment, we don't offer any phone support, but you can email us and we'll a respond ASAP. They have told us that we are faster to respond than Chris Johnson's 40 time. 
  • Or you can text us (415) 570-9566, but let me warn you, we respond faster via email. 

You made a mistake on our order!

  • That person will be fired! Send us an email, and we'll figure this out.


More updates to come ....